HDC Fall Conference

The Healthy Democracy Coalition convenes business owners, investors, philanthropists, and grant-makers together with select allies for cross-partisan philanthropic learning and collaboration.
Our next National Conference will convene on October 27 & 28, 2019, in Washington, DC.

Together we will ask:
What is the value of cross-partisan connection and learning?
What are leading examples of cross-partisan philanthropic collaboration?
What cross-partisan community building strategies have been successful?
How can cross-partisan philanthropists connect and collaborate, both locally and nationally?
What issues, like criminal justice and immigration reform, are ripe for legislative collaboration? And, how can cross-partisan philanthropists help?
What are leading strategies to address redistricting, voting issues, and electoral reform?
How can we more effectively address the issues of money in politics and bring transparency?
What are the most promising opportunities for political innovation?
How can donors help mitigate polarization in the media and restore integrity to our democracy?

Come explore these questions and much more.

Note that HDC events are by invitation and application only.

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The agenda for our October conference is not yet available, though our 2019 Spring event can serve as a reference.

For any questions, please write to: info@democracycoalition.org