2019 HDC Fall Conference

The Healthy Democracy Coalition convenes business owners, investors, philanthropists, and grant-makers together with select allies for cross-partisan philanthropic learning and collaboration.
Our next National Conference will convene on October 27 & 28, 2019, in Washington, DC.

Together we will ask:
• What is the value of cross-partisan connection and learning?
• What are leading examples of cross-partisan philanthropic collaboration on Criminal Justice, Immigration, Education, and Healthcare Reform?
• What is the role of old and new media channels in bridging or exacerbating political divides? What investments can be made to improve the systems and incentives involved?
• What cross-partisan opportunities exist to advance electoral reform, including on redistricting, election and voter integrity?
• Who is helping to bridge political divides? Who is helping to build policy consensus on critical issues and enrolling the relevant political constituencies to ensure legislative successes?
• How can cross-partisan philanthropists connect and collaborate, both locally and nationally?
• How can we set priorities as a national network?
• What issues should we focus on? Which should we avoid?
• How can we evaluate our work, learn from mistakes, and improve our investment strategies over time as a group?

Come explore these questions and much more.

Note that HDC events are by invitation and application only.

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The agenda for our October conference is not yet available, though our 2019 Spring event can serve as a reference.

Preliminary List of Fall Conference Speakers

Abigail Skeans, Charles Koch Foundation
Cara Dingus Brook, Foundation for Appalachia Ohio
Chris Sopher, WhereBy.Us
Clay Spence, Cicero Institute
David Crane, Govern for California
David Nevins, Bridge Alliance
Esther Dyson, Wellville
Greg Mauro, Learn Capital
Ian Simmons, Blue Haven Initiative
Jeff Prudhomme, Interactivity Foundation
Jeffrey Silverman, Laconic Capital Group
Ja’Ron Smith, The White House
Joseph Lindsley, Journalist
Katherine Gehl, Gehl Foods
Loren Bendele, Gell.com
Rina Schneur, Elect435.org
Robert Mosbacher Jr., Mosbacher Institute
Steve Lipscomb, Gamers.Vote
Stephen Shaya, J&B Medical Supply
Sophia Chitlik Abram, Durham Public Schools Foundation
Wesley Panek, New Media Ventures

For any questions, please write to: info@democracycoalition.org